Research papers, posters, and talks

Fast Imaging of X-point Plasma Turbulence

MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center, Cambridge, MA. Summer 2015.

Paper Nuclear Materials and Energy 2016

Slides Contributed Talk, APS Division of Plasma Physics 2015 Meeting

Captured footage of turbulence in the divertor region of the Alcator C-Mod tokamak at 400,000 fps, revealing filaments aligned with the magnetic field that move perpendicularly to it at speeds of around 1 km/s.

Optimizing Plasma Boundary Control in Superconducting Tokamaks

General Atomics, San Diego. Summer 2014.

Poster APS Division of Plasma Physics 2014 Meeting

Helped develop a metric to quantify a tokamak's ability to control its plasma. Built on existing Matlab simulations of tokamaks to automate tuning of the plasma control system normally done by trial and error.

Observation of the Classical and Quantum Hall Effects

Intermediate Physics Laboratory, Columbia University. Spring 2014.

Paper Lab report

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Intermediate Physics Laboratory, Columbia University. Spring 2014.

Paper Lab report

Aerodynamics Simulations of the D8 “Double Bubble” Aircraft

NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field. Summer 2013.

Paper Project report

Ran fluid simulations of a wind tunnel test on NASA's Pleiades supercomputer using the new LAVA code on an unstructured mesh. Unstructured meshes, like the one shown above, can be created automatically given a model, as opposed to structured overset grids, which are usually made by hand. The D8 is a passenger aircraft concept that could take on the role of the Boeing 737 by 2035.


Intro to Electrical Engineering, Columbia University. Winter 2012.

Paper Project report

Used two Arduinos to simulate a ball bouncing around an oscilloscope screen, and an array of LEDs hooked up to an Arduino to do the same thing.

Enhancing a Hydrogen PEM Fuel Cell Stack with Gold-Dodecanethiolate Core-Shell Nanoparticles

Garcia MRSEC program at Stony Brook University, NY. Summer 2011.

Paper Intel Science Talent Search semifinalist 2012

Added a gold nanoparticle catalyst to hydrogen fuel cell membranes arranged in a stack. The stack configuration is how fuel cells are used in the real world, whereas laboratories commonly test single cells.

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